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Many antivirus programs look for malware and viruses. The best antivirus programs also offer real-time protection, that monitors suspicious websites, suspicious links and other bad behavior. They’ll also analyze the files you download and track their actions to identify new threats that aren’t yet identified. Nowadays, a good antivirus software also needs to recognize and remove ransomware. Some antivirus software can do this through sandboxing, wherein suspicious encrypted files are placed in a different part of the operating system to be tested before they can be accessed to be installed on the rest of the computer.

The best antivirus suites make use of very little system resources and are extremely fast to run. They’ll not just run virus and malware scans, but they will also help to protect your privacy by encryption of email, spotting social media sites for suspicious behaviour, and making sure that online banking and shopping are done over secure connections. Certain suites include useful tools such as the password manager or file shredder internet security to ensure safe shopping and much more.

If you decide to purchase a paid program, make sure it covers the operating systems and devices you’re trying to protect. Many of the top options are compatible with all major platforms including Windows PCs (3 out of 4 desktops and laptops), macOS, and iOS. Some of the most advanced paid antivirus applications work with Android devices. However, you will have to look through each company’s website for specifics. Some vendors sell their products in electronic stores, but most will send you an email with a code that can be used to download their software through their websites or the apps store.


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