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How to Choose the Best Board Portal Software for Business

Portada » How to Choose the Best Board Portal Software for Business

The board portal software you choose will affect the performance of your business. Be sure to choose a system that is simple to use for everyone in your board, and helps in boosting engagement meetings, overall efficiency and engagement.

When you are looking at board management software solutions, take note of these important characteristics that will help you choose the right vendor for your business:

Centralized access to meeting materials with granular permissions so that only board members have access to confidential information. Streamlined sharing that reduces the time and effort required to distribute board materials and provides a convenient method to upload and review meeting materials from any device.

This tool allows you to sign important documents electronically, such as meeting minutes and policy documents. According to McAfee, this feature is crucial to mitigate the risks associated with cyber-attacks that cost businesses more than $1 trillion per year.

Simple user interface with easy-to-use icons and an easy-to-read layout, designed for desktop and mobile devices. Flexible design allows for customization. Create customized dashboards bookmark important pages as well as documents, and make bookmarks.

Online collaboration is enhanced with tools that allow notes to be created on the screen, or sharing ideas in real-time with fellow users. They can be shared publically or privately, based on the context of the note or discussion.

Board portals should include a meeting planner that permits admins to easily send out invitations and reminders, in addition to an agenda of upcoming events and the preparation click to read materials. During your demonstrations, talk to any potential vendor about their process for scheduling meetings and how they manage last-minute changes to agenda items or document changes.

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